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An ordinary RJ45 cable, those you don't know!

Speaking of the network line, we are familiar with it. Even if wireless network connection is widely used, most of the basic lines still rely on the network line connection, which can provide stable and reliable transmission rate.

When it comes to networking, we have to say its sequence. The standard sequence is T568A: white green, white orange, blue, blue, orange, white brown.

There are also T568B: white orange, white orange, green, blue, green, white brown, which are two common lines. You can observe the networking sequence used by your device, usually both.

So what's the magic about the internet?

First, a single network cable can directly form a LAN with two computers.

Speaking of this, we have to mention two ways of networking, namely, cross-line and direct-line. The difference between the two lines is that the sequence of the two ends of the straight line is the same, that is, the two ends are either T568A or T568B. The two ends of the intersection line have different sequence. One end is T568A and the other is T568B. In fact, the sequence of 13,26 lines should be changed.

And what's the difference between these two wires? Direct connections are generally used as connections between unequal devices, such as routers and computers. Crosslines are used to connect peer-to-peer devices, such as computers, switches and switches!

The two computers form a LAN, which is also the crossing line. After distributing IP, they can form a LAN. I used this method to play DOTA with a group of friends'LAN without the assistance of other devices (of course, playing computer).

Second, the network line sequence can be arranged in disorder!

Many people think that the standards must be strictly implemented in accordance with the standards, otherwise they will make mistakes. In fact, the advantage of specifying standards is that they are easy to manage and maintain later. So if you don't know or remember the sequence at home, you just need the same order at both ends.

Thirdly, only four wires are needed!

We see eight nets in our daily life. As I have mentioned before, in fact, if 100 Mbp transmission only needs 4 nets. The equipment of 100 Mbp is in line sequence, 45, 78 nets are limited.

And some of these special situations are useful. For example, if one or two of the nets in the house is not connected, it is likely that one or two of them will break. If the nets are not easy to replace, you can use a wire tester to test them, as long as there are four intact wires. Is it convenient to repress the crystal head in order of 13 and 26 and keep the two ends aligned? But the drawback is that if you used to be a Gigabit device, then you would only have a Gigabit transmission rate.

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