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What are the performance indicators and distinguishing methods of RJ45

Performance indicators:

The performance indicators of RJ45 also include attenuation, near-end crosstalk, insertion loss, echo loss and far-end crosstalk. Performance and technical specifications of RJ45: when contact resistance is 2.5 mm_, insulation resistance is 1000 m_and electrical resistance is DC1000V (AC700V), there is no breakdown and arc phenomenon in one minute; when the surface of clamping reed is gold-plated or silver-plated, the wiring diameter is 0.4 mm-0.6 mm; the number of plugs and sockets can be inserted repeatedly is not less than 750 times; and when the electrical resistance is DC1000V (AC700V), the gold-plated 509 (inc) of eight wire contact pins can be inserted repeatedly H).

Method of distinction:

Crosstalk is an important factor to be considered in the design of these performance indicators. In order to improve the transmission performance of the whole link, crosstalk cancellation technology is often used in sockets. Crosstalk cancellation technology can produce crosstalk signals with the same size and opposite polarity as those introduced from plugs to cancel crosstalk. If the crosstalk interference introduced by the modular plug is represented by "+++", the opposite crosstalk generated by the socket is represented by "--". When the two crosstalk signals are equal in size and opposite in polarity, the total coupled crosstalk interference signal is zero in size.

There will also be RJ11 interface on home ADSL Modem, which is slightly smaller than RJ45 interface and mainly used to connect telephone lines. It should be noted that the RJ11 interface is 4 or 6 pins, while the RJ45 interface is 8 pins, so the RJ45 plug can not be inserted into the RJ11 interface, and the RJ11 plug can not be inserted into the RJ45 interface (although it can be achieved in the physical interface), so it must be clearly distinguished in practical use.

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