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How will the launch of 8K ultra-clear 5G TV affect connector manufacturers?

In the application of the Internet, we feel the rapid development of science and technology. From the initial 2G network to the present 4G network, the change is too great. With the trend of intelligent products, there is more talk in life. The upcoming popularity of 5G network makes Guayou full of expectations. The download speed of 5G network can reach 1.4 Gbps, which is 20 times faster than that of 4G network. It takes only 8 seconds to download a 1G HD movie. It's no longer Carton. Is it a little exciting to think about it?

Recently, Huawei, a domestic enterprise, plans to launch 5G TV with 8K super-clear resolution display screen and AI artificial intelligence system. If launched on the market, it may usher in a new upsurge of purchase and follow the trend, which is a business opportunity for upstream and downstream manufacturers related to LCD TV. In order to cope with the new opportunities, the associated accessories manufacturers will make a qualitative leap forward in improving the manufacturing process. Only product optimization and innovation can not be eliminated and ushered in this new opportunity.

How can connector manufacturers miss this new opportunity? No matter how smart, high-definition, large size and thin LCD screen is, it is inseparable from the transmission of LCD screen line. Let's first look at the connector that connects the line end of the 8K display screen.

Because of the diversification of 8K TV functions and clearer visual effects, there are new requirements for the precision, transmission rate, shielding effect and service life of connectors. Connector manufacturers have great room for improvement in product structure innovation and competitiveness in response to new market changes.

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