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What are the knowledge of RJ45, RJ11, 8P8C and 6P4C in crystal head?

The common crystal heads of Deep Blue Avenue are RJ45 and RJ11. For example, the new type of W112 belongs to RJ11 crystal head, while the special monitoring type of W116 belongs to RJ45 crystal head.

Their structure and application range are different, and can not be mixed, but many people do not understand this, resulting in unnecessary troubles and faults in daily use and engineering wiring, and even lead to equipment damage. Today, Deep Blue Avenue will explain the difference between these two crystal heads.

First, let's take a look at the meaning of these abbreviations and figures in popular science. RJ stands for Registered Jack, which is a standardized network interface. The latter number stands for the serial number of the interface standard. Several P and C refers to the grooves and several metal contacts in which the crystal head has several positions.

Different structures

RJ45 and RJ11 crystal heads are made up of PVC shell, shrapnel, chip and other parts. The crystal heads of high-quality deep blue Avenue are crystal-clear in appearance, strong and tough shrapnel and thick gold-plated chip. The difference between the two structures is the number of grooves and contacts.

The common RJ45 crystal heads are 8P8C and 8P4C. For example, the six types of unshielded crystal heads Z241 on Deep Blue Avenue belong to 8P8C specification, while the five types of network monitoring crystal heads W116 belong to 8P4C crystal heads. Because only four wires are needed in the five types of 100 Mbp network standards, four other contacts are removed to save costs.

The RJ11 crystal head usually has only six grooves and four or two contacts, such as the Deep Blue Avenue telephone crystal head w119 and w122. The volume of RJ45 crystal head is larger than that of RJ11 crystal head. RJ45 crystal head can not be inserted into RJ11 interface, but is physically feasible, which makes people mistakenly think that they should or can work together. This is not the case. It is strongly recommended that RJ11 plugs not be used for RJ45 jacks.

Different fields of application

RJ45 crystal head often plays the role of data transmission in monitoring projects, computer room cabling and other scenarios. It is an indispensable supporting role in the ethernet. It is commonly used at both ends of the network line to connect various network devices, such as computers, routers, switches, etc.

The four-core crystal head for telephone line is RJ11 crystal head, which resembles RJ45 crystal head in appearance. It is a kind of connector developed by Western Electronics Company. RJ11 is not international standard, and is often used to connect telephone and modem.

Line Sequence Standards are Different

Due to the different structure and use of RJ45 crystal head and RJ11 crystal head, the standard of wiring sequence is also different. RJ11 crystal head only needs two wires when it is used to answer the telephone line. When it is pressed, it connects the two wires in the middle immediately. There is no requirement for the color and placement order of the wires, as long as the wiring sequence and color of the two ends are the same.

RJ45 crystal head wiring has two kinds of sequence standards: 568A and 568B. By adopting different standards, the final network can be divided into two types: straight-through and cross-over. However, due to the new generation of switches, network cards and other devices have automatic flip function, most of the network production now uses 568B scheme.

RJ45 crystal head and RJ11 crystal head are different in size, wiring standards and application scenarios. They are not universal and can not blossom in style. In daily and engineering use, special attention should be paid to ducks.

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